Public Speaking with Confidence

1 day, Saturday 19 May, 9:30am – 4:30pm
The University of Auckland City Campus
Presented by Lisa Brickell and  Kate Bartlett
$210.00 incl. GST
1 day, Saturday 17 November, 9:30am – 4:30pm 
The University of Auckland City Campus
Presented by Lisa Brickell and  Kate Bartlett
$210.00 incl. GST

Do you ever feel nervous speaking in front of groups? Do you need to give presentations in the workplace, at social occasions, or as part of your studies? Recent surveys have shown public speaking to be the number one greatest fear, above being afraid of spiders, snakes or even death! Using comedy, drama and storytelling techniques, this one-day intensive course will:

  • Develop your public speaking skills
  • Explore your unique presentation style
  • Increase spontaneity
  • Develop storytelling and vocal techniques
  • Overcome fears and help you enjoy being in front of an audience

Presenters: Lisa Brickell MA, DipDrama, Cambridge CELTA, DipTheatre (LeCoq, Paris) and Kate Bartlett BA; Dip Prof Acting(NZ Drama School); Dip Drama; Dip Tchg; ATCL

Course outline

This course will cover: Presentation skills: building skills in the following areas-non-verbal communication, creating audience rapport and having a clear intention Relaxation Techniques: exercises used to overcome tension and fear associated with presenting in public Improvisation skills: building participants confidence in the area of spontaneity Storytelling techniques: content and structure Vocal skills: exercises to encourage vocal strength and confidence.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the course learners will be able to identify the characteristics of effective presentations; utilise physical and vocal techniques to enhance presentations; use relaxation techniques to help release tension; demonstrate an understanding of storytelling and improvisation techniques; apply the above when presenting.

Who should attend?

Those who feel nervous speaking in front of groups and/or those who wish to improve their public speaking skills, whether it be in the workplace, at social occasions, or as part of their studies. Lecturers and teachers would also greatly benefit from this course.

About the Presenters

Lisa Brickell has run public speaking skills seminars both in New Zealand and overseas. She has taught at Unitec, Auckland, Waikato and Brighton Universities, and has worked with many companies including Genesis Energy, Coca Cola and DDB. Lisa trained at The Lecoq Theatre School in Paris and at Kiklos Drama School in Italy. She also has a MA in Drama from Auckland University. She was the Key Note Speaker at the Drama New Zealand Conference in 2014 and is a professional actress and comedian, teacher and director.

Kate Bartlett is an actor and trainer with over twenty years experience in the performing arts and training industries. She has taught at Auckland and Waikato Universities, and has delivered Executive Presence, Presentation Skills, Storytelling and Improvisation courses throughout NZ. Kate trained at Toi Whakaari (NZ Drama School) and has a BA and post graduate Diploma in Drama from Auckland University. She has performed professionally in theatre, film, TV and radio.