Examine a selection of the most exciting plays written between 1590 and 1625.

In this course participants will read a selection of the most exciting of these plays written between 1590 and 1625, both by Shakespeare and by some of his contemporaries, in a period where tragedy was a powerful and intensely-watched form of drama (we will want to ask why this was). The course will consider both how these plays are complex pieces of writing and also how their theatricality is managed as experience on the stage. Of particular interest will be the relations among different kinds of tragedy we can trace between plays and playwrights, including revenge tragedy, religious tragedy, domestic tragedy and political tragedies.

You will join a class which is studying English and Literature (ENGLISH 353) as part of an undergraduate degree, but you will not attend tutorials, complete assignments or sit an exam – a no-stress learning opportunity.

Please note that you will not have online access to the course lecture notes.

Limited to 10 CCE participants.