Cancer resilience- the potential of enhanced nutrition.

It seems to be that we have limited ability to prevent cancer, despite a person’s best efforts to follow screening recommendations, eat well, and stay at a healthy weight. Should we just hope for the luck of the draw? Or should we take action to see if we can minimise the possibility?


Course outline

This seminar will focus on the trending nutritional and gut microbiota information pathways that some 21st century health researchers are investigating. Let’s look at how that can translate into 21st century healthy eating to make our immune system resilient to potential problems. We will also consider the role that nutritional and herbal supplements, pre- and probiotics, and plant-based diets may play in this new frontier

Learning outcomes

• Become knowledgeable about immunity and its relation to gut health.
• Discover how the health of your gut microbiota can be enriched with enhanced eating patterns.
• Learn how you can balance your own lifestyle eating plan and evaluate plant based and other trending eating programs.
• Consider if nutritional and herbal supplements may be of use for your healthy lifestyle.


  • Saturday 21 September, 9:30am -1:00pm
  • $55.00 incl. GST
  • The University of Auckland, City Campus
  • Presented by Vicki Martin-MacKay, Registered Dietitian

Seminar presenter

Vicki Martin-Mackay

Vicki Martin-Mackay

Registered Dietitian

Vicki is a Registered Dietitian with many years of nutritional counselling and teaching experience. She has a private nutrition practice specialising in assisting those with challenging health conditions utilising both integrative nutrition and complementary medicine approaches. Along with her Otago University Dietitian training, Vicki has completed a naturopathic diploma and studied traditional Chinese medicine extensively in China and Japan. She has also worked for many years in the health food industry. Currently, she is studying towards a Masters’ Degree in Health Sciences at the University of Auckland. Vicki strives to bring a balance of both clinical nutritional experience and evidence-based study to her practice and teaching.

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