Discuss and debate the impact of the Trump presidency on New Zealand and the World

The Trump presidency has posed new challenges to New Zealand and the world, Join Associate Professor Stephen Hoadley as he explores what this means for New Zealand.

Course outline

New Zealand and the United States have interacted for almost two centuries. The relationship intensified during World War II and has become one of New Zealand’s most important since then. A series of geo-political, economic, and diplomatic disputes troubled the relationship but adaptive NZ diplomacy, and some US concessions, have resolved most of them. This course explains how. More recently, the Trump presidency has created uncertainties around the world and posed new challenges to New Zealand. Understanding Trump and his impact on geo-politics in Europe and Asia, and figuring out how New Zealander can best respond, will be focal points of this course.

Participant views will be welcomed and debate will be encouraged.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for anyone interested in current affairs, particularly those interested in US politics and foreign policies, the unorthodox presidency of Donald Trump, and how New Zealand can adapt to Trump’s disturbing initiatives.

Learning outcomes

  • Information about how New Zealand makes foreign policies
  • information about how the United States makes foreign policies
  • understanding of why New Zealand has had disputes with the United States and how they were resolved
  • awareness of how the Trump presidency has posed new challenges to New Zealand and the world
  • consideration of options for New Zealanders’ response
  • speculation about future geo-political changes in Europe and Asia precipitated by the Trump presidency and their possible impact on New Zealand.

About the presenter

Associate Professor Stephen Hoadley, BSc (Purdue), MA (California State), PhD (California)

Stephen Hoadley is Associate Professor of Politics and International Relations.  He has studied and lectured on international affairs in California, Missouri, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Britain, Sweden and Germany.  He regularly comments on radio and TV, talks to public and Continuing Education groups, and conducts Defence Force officer courses. Among his nine books is Asian Security Reassessed (2006) and he is currently working on a book on New Zealand United States Relations and a chapter on security threats facing New Zealand in Europe and the Middle East.

Recommended Reading

  •  Stephen Hoadley, New Zealand United States Relations (NZIIA, 2016), available in the University Book Shop for $35.00 or by mail order from New Zealand Institute of International Affairs, c/o Victoria University, PO Box 600, Wellington 6140 for $40.00