Discover the benefits of good nutrition and the impact it can have on energy levels.

Most people can remember a time when their energy levels were at their peak. The development of low energy levels however can have a significant impact on health, home and family, work, mood, and ability to exercise and maintain weight. For some it is ongoing and chronic, for others a temporary glitch due to illness, overwork, or stress. How well you recover from low energy levels is vital to long term health and resistance to disease.

This course generally addresses possible physiological causes of energy loss and directs attention towards balanced healthy eating strategies that can help to influence day to day and long term energy. Consideration towards specific nutrients and foods, along with evidence based complementary medicine viewpoints will be included.

Course fee includes morning tea and light lunch.

Course outline:

This course is directed towards any person of any age who is struggling with patchy or chronic low energy levels, be it post-baby, post- surgery, stress, poor sleep, or chronic illness. The following topics are directed towards empowering attendees to strategies that will ease their symptoms:

  • brief physiology of organs involved in body energy production, and their function
  • factors that impinge on energy levels – poor health, illness, surgery, pregnancy and breastfeeding, aging, weight etc
  • how optimal nutrition can enhance and improve on body function to provide improved energy levels
  • balancing a daily healthy eating plan for improved recovery and energy output
  • specific food groups and nutrients that assist in energy production
  • evidence based complementary medicine viewpoints on energy production
  • lifestyle factors that help or hinder energy levels – exercise, stress, medications etc.

Learning outcomes:

Students will be provided with practical steps to take to develop their own healthy lifestyle and eating practices that will aid recovery and regeneration of energy levels including:

  • developing an awareness of body health and lifestyle balance
  • how to structure a daily healthy eating plan, including specific food groups
  • why micro-nutrients matter – what vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids are requirements for healthy energy production – why they are essential
  • taking action with exercise, sleep, and relaxation to allow for energy recovery and balance
  • critiquing media diets and nutritional supplements – will they be helpful or hinder?

Who should attend?

This course is designed for those of any age with either short or long term energy deficits, ranging from iron deficiency to overwork, and illness to sleep issues.