Ancient Egyptian Art: Icon & Narrative

A chronological study of the art and architecture of ancient Egypt, from the predynastic period to the end of the New Kingdom, examining trends and styles in all forms of ancient art in Egypt.

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Course outline

A study of key periods and cultural developments in the art and archaeological remains of Egypt (from the Predynastic Period to the New Kingdom). This is a chronological survey, examining the trends and changes in Egyptian art, including the plastic arts, architecture, and tomb relief.

Who should attend?

The target audience for this are those interested in the culture of ancient Egypt, including their history and art.

The course provides content that is accessible for beginners or advanced students. Any part of the community is welcome, with no prior knowledge required. Attendees will be guided through the unique changes of Egyptian creativity and skill, which are underpinned by a historical context to holistically position the knowledge they learn during the course. We will cover different modes of art such as carved iconography, painting, sculpture, and rock-cut reliefs.

Attendees will also learn about how non-native, or foreign influences have impacted and changed later periods of Egyptian art. This is discussed with a growing knowledge and awareness of how we perceive the Egyptians, the purpose of their artistic endeavours.


  • 12 Weeks, Monday, Thurs, Friday 9-10am, 19 July - 22 October 2021
  • $355 incl. GST
  • The University of Auckland, City Campus
  • Presented by Jennifer Hellum

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