Examine famous case studies of psychology and the impact they have today

Are you fascinated by Psychology? Let’s explore some of the famous case studies that have helped to shape the field of psychology as we know it today.

Course outline

This session examines famous case studies of psychology. We will examine the impact of Phineas Gage’s infamous accident, explore the lives of Genie and Isabelle and their traumatic upbringings, examine the human memory through the experiences of H.M (Henry Molaison) and Clive Wearing and examine the impact of Kitty Genovese’s murder on our understanding of human behaviour.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this course participants will be able to:
  • Identify key researchers in the field of psychology and have an understanding as to how these researchers contributed to the development of the wider field of psychology
  • explain at a base level how the findings of famous psychology experiments helped to shape further research within the field of psychology
  • Leaners will be able to identify key case studies that have driven exploration within the field of psychology
  • draw connections between these case studies and the current field of psychology

Who should attend

This course is designed for anyone with a general interest in psychology, or is considering an academic qualification in the field of psychology

About the presenter

Andrea Mead
MA(Hons), PGDipAppPsych, Reg. Psychologist

Andrea is an experienced professional teaching fellow who teaches social development, intelligence and personality in the School of Psychology at the University of Auckland.  Andrea completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Auckland followed by a Masters of Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology which led to registration on the New Zealand Psychologists Board.