Musics of the World in Everyday Life

Examines the personal, communal, religious, patriotic, emotional and economic roles that music plays in the lives of musicians, composers and listeners.

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Course outline

Employs research from a range of ethnographic perspectives and encourages students to think and act analytically about their own musical worlds. Examples and case studies are drawn from around the globe, encompassing contemporary urban and remote village settings.

Learning outcomes

This course offers students the opportunity to be exposed to various world music scenes and to perceive them as signs of communication that need to be understood within particular cultural contexts and time. Studying selected theories, methods and perspectives in the study of music and identities, students learn to think and write critically, and verbally express their ideas through participating in classroom and tutorial discussions. By completing course assignments, students are guided to understand the relationships between music, society and human behaviours and reflect themselves as to who they are and how culturally they are constructed.

Terms & Conditions

This programme gives you the opportunity to attend regular lectures in a selection of courses, alongside enrolled students as an observer. Please note that you are not eligible to attend tutorials, take part in assessments, sit for exams and will not have access to course material online. You will be provided with a course outline to keep you up to date with the topics discussed in class every week. This is a no-stress learning opportunity.


  • 12 weeks, 03 March - 02 June 2021, Wednesday (1-3pm)
  • $355.00 incl. GST
  • The University of Auckland, City Campus
  • Presented by Sunhee Koo, Gregory Booth, Daniel Hernandez

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