About the presenter

Spring Week on Campus 2019
Professor Nathan Consedine

Professor Nathan Consedine


Prof. Nathan Consedine, Ph.D. is health psychologist in the School of Medicine at the University of Auckland. His training is in emotion and emotion regulation looking at how such factors may be linked to physical health including screening, symptoms, adherence, and adaptation to chronic disease. Current research foci include physician compassion, disgust in medical contexts, and mindfulness.

After graduating from Canterbury in 2000 and spending 10 years working on grants in New York, Nathan returned to New Zealand in 2009. In addition to teaching in health psychology and medical programs, he supervises PhD students evaluating psychosocial interventions for arthritis, cancer, and diabetes as well as researchers testing how patient, physician, clinical and environmental factors impact medical compassion.

Nathan has published more than 145 scientific works and is an Associate Editor and reviewer for numerous international journals. He enjoys fishing, playing tennis with his son, and listening to the sort of music that his colleagues dislike.