Explore how versions of the past have been remembered and explore the significance of those pasts for New Zealanders today.

Offers an historical survey of major writers and key issues in New Zealand literature. We raise questions about the representation of other cultures and other times, about identity and belonging, about the human place in nature and aim to provide a rich and complex map of our cultural history from the period of first contact until now.

You will join a class which is studying New Zealand Literature (ENGLISH355) as part of an undergraduate degree, but you will not attend tutorials, complete assignments or sit an exam – a no-stress learning opportunity.

Please be aware that the ULC programme is designed as an observer/auditor programme and participants are enrolled as non-credit students. Participants attending a ULC course will be provided with a course outline.

Please be aware that as a non-credit registrant participants are not eligible for:

  • online access to material,
  • purchase work/course books,
  • attend tutorials/labs,
  • complete assignments, or,
  • sit tests/exams.

Limited to 6 CCE participants.