Has Cupping got you interested?  Been to an Acupuncturist and wondering how it all works? 

Seen a lot of Chinese herbal shops sprout up in your suburb? According to Chinese Medicine, regulating your diet and lifestyle is the most important habit you can cultivate for long term health.  The use of acupuncture, herbals, dietary therapy, massage, meditation, and exercises such as tai chi and qi gong are all part of this age old health philosophy.

Long before the roots of Western medicine had sprouted, the Chinese had already started formulating dynamic and far reaching theories about the human body and the best way to preserve health.  Today the World Health Organisation has recognised the value and role that Traditional Chinese Medicine can play in primary health care systems and research has supported many of the beneficial aspects of the traditional Asian diet with its reduced risks of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

But wait, we don’t have to eat Chinese meals to get the benefits of TCM’s valuable health principles.  Although at least 4000 years old, Traditional Chinese Medicine has some reassuringly healthy messages for our overwhelming 21st century health problems.

Course outline:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – a wholistic view of health – mental, emotional, and physical – balance, harmony and moderation.
  • The underpinnings of TCM – Chi, Yin and Yang, heat, cold, hereditary factors, your daily food.
  • The TCM view of Qi flow through the body.
  • Chinese Medicine dietary therapy – food as medicine for your digestive system, your energy, your health.
  • Protecting your immune system the TCM way.
  • The TCM view of women’s health.
  • Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disease – what TCM has to say.
  • Are Chinese herbals safe to try?
  • Living to a ripe old age the TCM way.

Learning outcome:

On completion of the course learners will have a basic overview of the use of TCM health theory, practices, and treatments.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for those of any age who have an interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine.