Come to Paris with us. Relive History and discover what hides behind the monuments.

Come to Paris with us. Relive History while strolling along the Seine and the wide boulevards, discover what hides behind the monuments and the 19th-century façades and understand why Paris is still today as much as yesterday a symbol of culture, art, fashion and gastronomy. A fascinating and informative virtual tour, taught in English, ideal for armchair travellers or those planning a trip to France.

Course outline

This course will cover:

  • the origin and evolution of Paris, how it became the capital of France and one of the most visited cities in the world,
  • what defines and characterises its different districts (history, architecture, culture and lifestyle)
  • itinerary planning and discovery guidelines
  • costs, accommodation, transport

Learning outcomes

On completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • plan a trip to Paris according to their interests (history and architecture, what not to miss, local specialties)
  • develop a better understanding of the French culture
  • reflect on differences with their own culture and learn to appreciate the positives of both cultures

Who should attend

  • people who are planning a trip to Paris
  • people who have a special interest in France and French culture
  • language students

Recommended Reading

Seen as supplementing the course but not compulsory