Experience a unique insight into the world of Shakespeare and his plays.

Join University of Auckland Professor of English and Shakespearian author and translator, Tom Bishop, as he hosts a two-hour seminar inside the Pop-up Globe, providing a unique insight into the world of Shakespeare and his plays.

The first half of this session will explore the extraordinary structure of the Globe and what it tells us about the way Shakespeare’s plays work. A group of actors will then join the second half of the session and perform some scene demonstrations including some scratch scenes using cue-scripts improvised to by members of the audience.

This seminar is a must for anyone with an interest in the life and works of Shakespeare and performing arts enthusiasts. It will also provide much background and enrich the experience for those who intend to see one or more performances at the Pop-up Globe.

About the presenter

Tom Bishop, PhD

Tom is a Professor of English at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He is the author of Shakespeare and the Theatre of Wonder (Cambridge, 1996), the translator of Ovid’s Amores (Carcanet, 2003), and the co-editor of the annual Shakespearean International Yearbook. He is currently working on a book on Shakespeare’s Theatre Games.

Making history – the world’s first to-scale reconstruction of Shakespeare’s second Globe theatre

pop-up-globeThanks to ground-breaking research by associate Professor Tim Fitzpatrick and Mr Russell Emerson of Sydney University, Pop-up Globe will replicate exactly the dimensions of the second Globe theatre, which was built on the ruins of the first Globe in 1614.

Pop-up Globe is the first ever exact replica of this second Globe theatre to be built – and it’s a very different size and shape to the modern Globe theatre in London.

For more on the Pop-up Globe and performance programme visit www.popupglobe.co.nz