Examines presents perspectives on contemporary artistic practices, milieu, and institutions.

How does the contemporary art world work? The course involves active exploration of the local art scene. This includes visits to galleries, and guest presentations from artists, curators, gallerists and critics. The overarching premise for this paper is there are many contemporary art “worlds” (not just a single “art world”), and we will explore the many practices and spaces that constitute these. No prior knowledge or experience of contemporary art is assumed.

You will join a class which is studying Understanding Contemporary Visual Arts Practice (FINEARTS210G) as part of an undergraduate degree, but you will not attend tutorials, complete assignments or sit an exam – a no-stress learning opportunity.

Please be aware that the ULC programme is designed as an observer/auditor programme and participants are enrolled as non-credit students. Participants attending a ULC course will be provided with a course outline.

Please be aware that as a non-credit registrant participants are not eligible for:

  • online access to material,
  • purchase work/course books,
  • attend tutorials/labs,
  • complete assignments, or,
  • sit tests/exams.

Limited to 15 CCE participants.