Understanding Islam

For most of us, all we know about Islam is what we hear in the media. Islam, IS one of the three Ibrahimic tradition religions, is the fastest growing religion in the world and the most misunderstood. In this course we will shed light on the Islamic principles, the prophets of Islam, the holy book The Quran, the concept of life, women in Islam, science, ethics, and conduct.


Course outline

  • Basic Principles: Brief introduction, Prophets of God, The Holy Book the Quran
  • Women in Islam: Perception, misconceptions, women’s status in Islam.
  • The concept of life and death: purpose of life and death, concept of Jihad, The prohibited in Islam
  • Islamic Ethics and Conduct: Islamic qualities, The prohibited in Islam, Science and Quran, Islam Today.


Learning outcomes

  • Identify Islamic principles and how they reflect in Muslim’s lives.
  • Recognize the Quran and its importance to guide Muslim’s way of life.
  • Identify women’s status and Critically review Media’s News feed when it comes to religion and cultural norms; and its influence on today’s society.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of life and death in Islam.
  • Identify Islamic ethics etiquettes and how it reflects on different aspects of Muslim’s lives.

Who should attend?

  • Journalists
  • Educators
  • Refugee workers
  • Interest in Muslim
  • Interests in Islam
  • Tourists to a Muslim country
  • Professionals dealing with Muslims
  • individuals interested in Islam or Religious studies
  • Tutors
  • Arts students


  • 4 x Wednesdays 6 -8pm, 3 - 24 March 2021
  • $145.00 incl. GST
  • The University of Auckland, City Campus
  • Presented by Reem Ayyub

Seminar presenter

Reem Ayyub

Reem Ayyub has lectured on “Women in Islam” and “Introduction to Islam” at Auckland University and Selwyn collage. She developed a programme that encompasses Women’s status in Islam in relation to our modern society today.

Ayyub also works as head of Arabic and Islamic at a NZ Primary School, where she teaches and establishes curriculums and assessment that integrates with the New Zealand curriculum and Pedagogy.

Ayyub has experienced life in both the Middle east and New Zealand and has come to make sense of both worlds. She is passionate about bridging to the two cultures and breaking misconceptions and prejudices that have no business in everyday life.

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