Women in Islam

Travel back in time and study women’s status in pre-Islamic Arabia and post Islamic Arabia. Pondering on Quranic verses and Hadiths of women’s status in Islam and its influence on today’s society. This course will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of her status in different parts of society. As well as differentiating between cultural and religious norms when it comes to Muslim women around the world.


Course outline

  • Introduction to Islam and a historical outlook: a brief introduction Islamic ideology and Muslim women status in pre and post Islamic Arabia
  • Muslim Women in society: Muslim Women status as a believer, leader, employer, scholar, mother, wife and daughter.
  • Muslim Women Dress Code: Muslim women’s dress code beliefs reasons and importance.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify the Islamic ideology and beliefs
  • Identify women’s status in pre and post Islamic Arabia
  • Critically review Media’s News feed when it comes to religion and cultural norms; and its influence on today’s society.
  • Demonstrate the ability to differentiate between cultural and religious practices

Who should attend?

  • Journalists
  • Educators
  • Refugee workers
  • Interests Women issues, feminists
  • Tourists to a Muslim country
  • Persons dealing with Muslim women
  • Persons interested in Islam or Religious studies
  • Tutors
  • Arts students


  • 3 x Wednesdays 6 -8pm, 18 March – 1 April
  • $145.00 incl. GST
  • The University of Auckland, City Campus
  • Presented by Reem Ayyub

Seminar presenter

Reem Ayyub

Reem Ayyub has lectured on “Women in Islam” and “Introduction to Islam” at Auckland University and Selwyn collage. She developed a programme that encompasses Women’s status in Islam in relation to our modern society today.

Ayyub also works as head of Arabic and Islamic at a NZ Primary School, where she teaches and establishes curriculums and assessment that integrates with the New Zealand curriculum and Pedagogy.

Ayyub has experienced life in both the Middle east and New Zealand and has come to make sense of both worlds. She is passionate about bridging to the two cultures and breaking misconceptions and prejudices that have no business in everyday life.

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