About our programme

The University of Auckland Public Programmes offers access to the University’s knowledge and research, and encourages engagement and dialogue between the University and its many communities. We work in partnership with academics from across the University, to develop and deliver University Lecture Programme courses.

Public Programmes

Public Programmes provide you with opportunities to learn about cutting edge research, stimulate your thinking, engage with important issues and debate your ideas with others. Our programme offers choice, quality and and an opportunity to learn from experts in the field. Courses are open to all learners, regardless of whether you have completed tertiary education. We refresh the programme on a regular basis and respond to current trends and demands.

In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, you’ll explore new areas of personal and professional learning and gain new skills and knowledge. What better way to explore your passions and stretch your mind? We invite you to participate in the diverse learning opportunities offered and look forward to welcoming you to the University of Auckland Public Programmes. Whether you are  a returning student or a new  learner, we welcome you to join!

Our mission

To empower local, national and international learning communities. We endeavor to enhance New Zealand’s economic prosperity, cultural wealth and social well-being through leadership and innovation in research, design and delivery of lifelong learning opportunities.


University of Auckland Public Programmes seeks to utilise the expertise of the University community of academics to provide effective and enjoyable educational experiences that better equip learners to take advantage of their social, educational, cultural and career opportunities.

Terms and conditions

To find our more, visit our Terms and Conditions page.